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All services I offer are available to you from your own home, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. After we have decided on a time, I will send you a link to my Zoom room.

Soul to Soul Reading - psychic, mediumship, or a combination.
45 minutes @ A$88.00

Short ONE Question reading eg. specific focus on one topic.
10 minutes @ A$22.00 AUD 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting information through my senses. We are all consciously aware of five senses we acknowledge in our Western culture- sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. And sometimes you hear people talk about a 'sixth sense' being a psychic sense. Well, there are several additional 'senses' that mediums and psychics work with, which have similarities to the original five senses.

It is my belief that we all possess these additional senses to some degree, and with training in recognising when we are using them, they grow in strength. They have names such as:
• clairvoyance (intuitive or psychic seeing)
• clairaudience (intuitive or psychic hearing)
• clairsentience (intuitive or psychic feeling)
• clairgustance (intuitive or psychic tasting)
• clairolfaction/clairalience (intuitive or psychic smelling)
• claircognizance (intuitive or psychic knowing)

You may have experienced claircognizance when you first meet a person, when you get a "gut" feeling about whether the person is someone you are likely to get along with, or not. We do it all the time without always being consciously aware.

In a psychic reading the reader tunes into your personal energy, and this type of reading is often focused on events, situations, relationships, or concerns, which are relevant right now or in the near past or future of the person sitting for a reading.
You still have full responsibility for your own future, and important decisions should never be made based on a reading. I will not offer advice on finances, health, or legal matters. Please seek advice from a qualified professional.

In a mediumship reading, the reader connects to the spirit world. A good medium will deliver evidence about your loved ones in spirit, including specific details to verify who the person is. This typically includes things you would already know about them or can verify with help from other living relatives or friends later. For example, what they enjoyed eating, what possessions you still have of theirs, and examples of time you spent together.
Evidential mediums are trained to deliver messages so that you feel better than you did before the reading. If you have had an experience in the past that was less than positive or left you feeling scared or deeply saddened, this is not evidential mediumship. In my experience, messages from spirit world in a reading are often filled with love, gratitude, humour and warm memories. They are often a healing experience, not a terrifying experience. I am always happy to offer assistance to anyone who has further questions or concerns.

Please note, a mediumship reading is not for everyone. Many people have very strong belief systems around what happens to us when we pass, and this is their right to hold whatever beliefs they wish to hold. So it is best if you only book this type of reading just for yourself, if you are interested, not for a friend or relative. 

My personal belief is that we are all made up of energy. Energy does not die, it just changes form. Therefore, even without a body, we still exist.

Sometimes I bring through someone you didn't know well, or weren't very close to when they were living. If this happens, it means they just wanted to say hi, or they might have a message, or they are paving the way for other relatives or friends to come through. Please still acknowledge them.

I am a medium and psychic. All mediums are psychic, however not all psychics are mediums.
I do my own personal warm-up session before a reading to help me tune in. For me, this involves music and dance to lift the energy in the room. I work best with the energy or vibration of your voice. That means, I don't need to see you, I just need to hear your voice. We usually start with something like a discussion of the weather, and then I am able to dive in and read for you. 
The Zoom room offers both audio and camera options. We will only need the audio to be functioning. During the reading, I just need to hear your voice occasionally, such as when you say 'yes' or 'no', or even when you laugh, or cough. The energy of your voice keeps me connected.

Please don't offer me information about you or your situation before the reading. The more information you give me, the harder it is for me to read. The reason is that the more I know, the more my intellect gets involved, and the less I can connect to the world of spirit. Intellect can clash with spiritual connection. 

Don't feed the medium. It's very tempting to give a reader your life story during the course of a reading. e.g. "Oh, that's my Uncle Harry you have there, and he was a world class golfer until he had a car accident when he was 34 and lost his right arm." This kind of detailed information can potentially ruin your chances of a good reading for a number of reasons. For example, Uncle Harry may no longer be able to communicate with me, because the significant verifying details he was going to tell me about himself are no longer necessary, or because my intellect switches on and I begin thinking too much, wondering if the information I receive is information you told me, or if it really came from Uncle Harry. Best to just offer 'Yes" or "No" or "You're on the right track" or "You're off track, you're now talking about another relative of mine."

It might happen that I can't connect on a particular day for reasons beyond mine or your control. Sometimes a medium isn't the right fit for you. If this happens, I will know within the first 20 mins of a reading, we will stop, and you will be entitled to a full refund.

We will arrange to re-schedule. If it happens a second time on a different day, you will be refunded as I will take this as a sign we are not meant to work together at the moment.


  • Zilke has an incredible gift! I had a phone reading with her last week and she picked up so much about my family. She gave me some personal information which I will be forever grateful for - not only has it helped me put the pieces of a puzzle together, its brought me a deep level healing. Thank you Zilke xox.

    Lara, NSW, Australia

  • I am so happy to have had a reading with Zilke! She was spot on with the messages she delivered from my departed loved ones. It was only after the reading that I realized that some of the specific things she mentioned had significance for my my husband and me. Zilke was so caring, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wishes to make connections with departed loved ones, or to gain insight about concerns.

    Susan, California, USA

  • Zilke is gentle, lighthearted, compassionate and humble medium. I like her approach and felt very comfortable in the way she communicates, explains things and holds the space.

    Leah, Victoria, Australia

  • Zilke is amazing. She connected with my grandmother, brought back precious memories for me. I had happy tears, smiles, a few chuckles and best of all...comfort knowing that Grandma is still with me, watching out for me, invested in my happiness and the happiness of my siblings. I was touched beyond description at the love and gentleness in which Zilke connects with the departed. They are still here, not physically but definitely in Spirit...and they certainly do have messages. I would recommend Zilke for anyone wishing to communicate with their loved ones in Spirit. Thank you, Zilke.

    Donna, BC, Canada

  • Zilke did a reading for me a few days ago, she connected with someone precious to me, she was spot on with a number of things. the night before I'd asked for this person to send me a sign, Zilke blew me away when she mentioned one word, it was undoubtedly my sign.

    Kimberley, Victoria, Australia

  • Zilke is a gifted psychic medium. She is a very special woman

    Barb, Auckland, New Zealand

  • An absolutely wonderful and lovely woman! Had an enlightening conversation and she has helped me greatly with a dilemma I had with my direction in life. Now I know what to do! I'm feeling very inspired and uplifted thanks to her positive energy. I can't thank her enough for her time

    Tina, Midlands, UK

  • I had a reading with Zilke at a huge crossroads in my life. She quickly picked up on some areas that were in need of healing and gently and compassionately read for me and what my path of healing and growth could be. I felt at peace and more self-aware after my reading with Zilke. It was a real gift during a time of need! Thank you!

    Yonny, Lisbon, Portugal

Who is Zilke Davey?

I am a dancer, writer, teacher, and medium. I am also a parent to three amazing (grown up and almost grown up) children. I live in Victoria, Australia, but grew up in Queensland. I am known as Zilke in my work in the arts and mediumship because I love the name; it means silk, and I aspire to be someone who has both the strength of silk, and the grace (I also loved having pet silk worms as a child, and watching them transform). I am known by my birth name in my family and in my day-job as a teacher.

I was not consciously aware of my psychic abilities as a child, most children are not aware. We don't know we are different until someone tells us.

For most of my life I assumed everyone was using their intuition like I do, and that everyone just knew things like I did. Sometimes it still surprises me that people don't use their natural intution more. I was told by numerous people that I was psychic or had a sixth sense, but chose to just find the comments amusing, and remained skeptical.

In 2011, my family and I lost my extraordinary and young mother. That's when everything started to change.

My family and I have been forced to move past our skeptical minds because my mother has made her presence VERY clearly known through over 20 different mediums in both Australia and the UK, in the last 11 years.

The first time she came through was in a private personal reading of a friend of the family, who had no prior interest in mediumship, and no intention of connecting with my mother in spirit. The reader incidentally named me and my brother and gave the friend information to pass on to us from our mother.

In 2013 I finally plucked up the courage to visit a reader myself, to potentially let mum have some 'air-time'. The medium almost immediately brought through my mother, and gave full details of her life, personality, and even where I had packed away some of her items and what mum hoped I would do with them. I was not even aware I had some of these items, but when I got home, I realised she was right. The reading was very healing for me and allowed me to begin properly grieving her loss, where I had previously been in denial she had passed. Discovering there is more to life than meets the eye helped me to move forward and really live.

At the end of the reading, I was then told by that medium that I was a medium too, but I was not ready to hear it.

It took me another year to work up the courage to see the medium again, and from there she helped me to join a mediumship development class, which I did join as a beginner in 2014. But a few more obstacles came along including a very strenuous full-time job, and I gave my mediumship development a miss due to exhaustion.

Two years later, after a personal setback in my regular career, I had some free time so I went back, and discovered that my abilities had not vanished, but in fact strengthened. Despite my denial, my new tutor confirmed that I was a medium after she set me some specific exercises with photographs.

Within a very short time my ability has flourished and I have found myself training with a number of top mediums from Australia and the UK, learning the essentials for delivering high quality evidential mediumship messages from loved ones, and even pets, with sensitivity and respect.

I am still constantly amazed at the information that comes through in a reading, and I feel honoured to be able to do this type of work to contribute to the powerful healing that occurs for some people. (I especially love it when pets come though!)

I have been grateful to be tutored by Tony Stockwell, Lynne Probert, Natalie Walker, Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano, and last but not least, Denise Litchfield. Each tutor has contributed to my development, along with the learning I have vicariously experienced from my very skilled medium peers.

I feel honoured to grow in my development and continue to bring better quality messages through to the people who need them, which I hope will assist with their personal healing. I continue to work in my regular job as well, as it keeps me grounded, so my appointment times are limited.

I hope to meet you some day (and of course, your loved ones!)

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